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Diesel tuning is the process of enhancing the performance of a diesel engine. Diesel remapping requires specialist tooling to take a copy of the factory software and professional experience in modifying the engines ECU to deliver improvements in power and torque, turbo performance, throttle response and improvements in fuel consumption. 

Mechanical tuning involves manually adjusting the fuel and boost components of a diesel engine on older vehicles that do not have an ECU.

All of our tuning processes are done on our dyno, monitoring and logging crucial information such as air to fuel ratios and boost pressures to ensure engine health and longevity. 


Tuning is all about safely enhancing the performance of your vehicle without compromising engine longevity. All vehicles are derated from factory for many reasons. We work within safe tuning parameters calculated specifically for each vehicle including aftermarket components when fitted, to provide optimum performance and reliability. 

We are experts in diesel diagnostics, and can carry out thorough health checks and diagnostics to ensure the vehicle is healthy before tuning. 

Stock and tuned dyno runs log torque and power figures as well as AFR's, boost, rail pressure and air temps to ensure safety.


Bt50 House of Automotive Stage 2 turbo & Injector Package

LC79 Remap VS Safari Armax

LC79 Remap VS Safari Armax Green - Stock Pink - Safari Armax Red - Tune Works

Toyota Landcruiser 79 Gturbo G350


Dmax 4JJ3



Toyota Landcruiser 76 Gturbo G350 + Injectors

Toyota Landcruiser 76

Toyota Hilux N80

Toyota Hilux N80

Ford Ranger PX2

Ford Ranger PX2 PDI Front Mount Intercooler

Isuzu Dmax 4JJ3

Ford Ranger PX

NT Pajero

NT Pajero

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