What is Diesel Tuning or Remapping?


Diesel Tuning involves taking a "read" or "copy" of the software inside your engine control unit or ECU and editing the "mapping".

Once we have a copy of this software, we can use specialist software to achieve certain benefits which might include -

  • Up to a 30% gain in power

  • Up to a 30% gain in torque.

  • Improved drivability.

  • Better fuel economy.

  • Reduced pedal lag.

Is tuning safe?

Tuning is about finding the perfect balance of performance and engine longevity.

We work within calculated safe tuning levels calculated specifically for each car.


We also health check every vehicle before a tune to make sure it's ready for us!

If any issues are picked up they must be rectified before your car is tuned.

After each tune, we then run your car again on our dyno, logging AFR's, boost, rail pressure, intake air temps and more!

This ensures safety! 

We aren't in the business of blowing up cars! 


Tune Now - Pay Later!

Our Services

- Auto Electrical

- Diesel Tuning

- Diesel Diagnosis

- Breakdown Services

- Suspension Upgrades

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-Log Book Servicing

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