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What is Diesel Tuning or Remapping?


Diesel Tuning is a process that involves taking a 'read' or 'copy' of the software inside your engine control unit (ECU) and using our specialist software to edit the 'mapping'. We alter multiple areas of your vehicles settings to improve the vehicle's performance resulting in benefits which can include -

  • Up to a 30% gain in power

  • Up to a 30% gain in torque

  • Improved drivability

  • Better fuel economy

  • Improved throttle & turbo response

Is Tuning Safe?


Tuning is all about safely enhancing the performance of your vehicle without compromising engine longevity.

All vehicles are de-rated from factory for many reasons. We work within safe tuning perimeters calculated specifically for each vehicle including aftermarket components when fitted, to provide optimum performance and reliability. 


We health check every vehicle before a tune to make sure it's ready for us!

If any issues are picked up they must be rectified before your car is tuned.

Before and after dyno runs log torque and power figures, aswell as AFR's, boost, rail pressure, intake air temps to ensure safety! 



Nissan NP300 Stock = 105kw 380nm Tuned = 139.5kw 460nm

MQ Triton

Mitsubishi Triton MQ Stock = 105kw 380nm Tuned = 121.4kw 430nm


Toyota Landcruiser 79 Stock = 110kw 350nm Tuned = 148.7kw 525nm


Toyota Landcruiser 200 Stock = 147kw 502nm Tuned = 188.7kw 675nm


Ford Ranger Stock = 110.5kw 400nm Tuned = 133.1kw 500nm

RG Colorado

Holden Colorado RG Stock = 95kw 400nm Tuned = 123kw 460nm

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